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What type of Leathers Does Flat Bill offer?

  • Japanese Kip – Soft and supple and feels amazing on your hand!
  • U.S. Kip – Firm compared to the Japanese kip but also softer than steerhide. This level is our most popular glove.
  • Routine Series – This is our Texas Steerhide leather made for our Younger players.

Which glove should I use?

  • Routine Series – Youth Players from 7-13
  • US Kip – High School, College and Professionals
  • Japanese Kip – High School, College, and Professionals who like a softer feel

How long do custom Gloves take?

  • Custom gloves take about 4-6 weeks

How long to custom glove webs take?

  • Webs usually take 2-4 weeks

Can I make changes to custom gloves after the order is made?

  • Sorry we cannot make changes after a custom order has been placed.

What type of wood do you use on your baseball bats?

  • We use Ash, Maple and Birch wood.
  • Ash is more flexible and used by a lot of older professionals
  • Maple is our hardest wood and the most popular professional wood bat.
  • Birch is Harder than maple and has more flex than maple. Pros are starting to use this wood more and more!

Do you ship internationally?

  • The only products we ship internationally right now are our custom Baseball gloves.

Where can you buy Flat Bill Products?

  • Right now our products are sold on our website and we will be selling at various baseball tournaments throughout the USA.

Can my team be sponsored by Flat Bill?

  • Team Flat Bill represents some of the best independent organizations in the USA. We have teams of all age. To get a sponsor ship we will have an agreement to play under the Flat Bill name and will be required to purchase hats and jerseys through Flat Bill at discounted rates. Teams will also enjoy discounts on other Flat Bill products from gloves to bats.
  • Email us at for information.