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Replacement Webs

Welcome to the Flatbill Baseball Glove Shop.

Where your glove’s dreams come to life.

The Glove Shop features full gloves, glove parts, and lacing. All these supplies are carefully crafted to ensure trust in your glove every time you reach to the dirt for a grounder. Whether you’re getting a new web, relacing with a flashy color, or purchasing your new baby, Flatbill is your spot for glove performance.

About our leather:

  • Professional-Grade Strength
  • Best Moisture and Heat Resistance in Leather Production
  • Durable Temper for Reduced Cracking
  • Longest Lifetime in Baseball Lacing
  • Handcrafted in the USA


At Flatbill Sports, we stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our glove supply. Love it or we’ll fix it. We take care of any damages that occurred during shipping or anything else that was under our control with making your glove purchase a happy one.

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