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The Best Baseball Glove Customizer

Playing a sport is far more than showing up and having a good game. Preparation is a  key part for success in sports, including baseball. If you can give baseball your all when you are out on the field, then you should be able to prepare yourself not just by practicing but also with the best personalized gear, especially your very own custom baseball glove using the best baseball glove customizer out there.

Best Quality Baseball Glove Designer

At Flat Bill, we are pleased to claim ourselves as the best of custom baseball glove companies. With all the time and effort you put into playing your best game, you deserve the best quality gear. This is why we carefully hand make our products with care. We want you to feel special and ready for anything that comes your way (literally!) on the field.

Our Specialized Baseball Gloves

We feel it’s necessary to provide you the option of making baseball gear your own, which is why we allow you to design custom baseball gloves yourself using the best custom baseball glove customizer on the web! Whether you want to be more original than your teammates or feel that you play your best game when you’re all geared up according to your own personal preference, Flat Bill can provide all of your custom baseball glove needs.


You get to begin as a custom baseball glove maker by picking out of three different series options, which include the Routine Series, U.S. Kip Series, and Real Japanese Kip Series. Our Routine Series is targeted for the youngest of baseball players and is composed of Texas Steerhide leather. The glove series of ours that is favored most is the U.S. Kip Series, which has a gentler touch than Steerhide but overall more firm feel. For a more softer and smoother glove, we recommend our Japanese Kip.


We have three types of gloves designated by position. Whether you play Outfield, Infield, or as a Pitcher, we have you covered with the right baseball glove. We also provide a 1st Base and Catcher glove.

Throwing Hand

As part of the process for designing your custom baseball glove, you get to pick a glove created for the hand you throw with. So whichever hand you use, we have the right (or left!) glove.


All of our gloves come in different specific sizes. From smaller to larger, we cater to both young and mature baseball players.

Finger Protection

Another option you get when making your custom baseball glove is adding finger protection. Although you can create a glove without finger protection, we do offer both a finger pad and finger hood.


The options on our custom baseball glove maker allows you to even pick your own colors. Want something like these crazy colors? You’ve got it! We feel like choosing a certain color for a baseball glove at any sports store just may not be personalized enough, so we provide you with the opportunity to add colors of your choice on specific areas of the glove. With all the different options for outer shell color, palm color, web color, wing color, wing accent color, finger pad color, stitching color, welting color, lacing color, wrist color, binding color, and embroidery color, you have the ability to create a custom baseball glove like no other! As if this was not enough color options, you can even decide on what patch color you want!

Additional Features

There are even more features you get to choose for your custom baseball gloves. From the level of stiffness to back style, you get to decide what you feel is best. With over a dozen web options for you to choose from, you can also pick which style you like best. Other options include switching to hammered leather and adding a velcro strap to the glove. If desired, there is also the option of adding a flag to the design of your custom baseball glove.


To take your personalization a step further, Flat Bill allows you to add a personal name or text on your glove. When you decide what you want written, you also have the option of choosing the color, font, and shadow color. You can even add text on the lining if preferred. There is also an option to either keep the custom baseball glove logo or replace with your number.

Best Baseball Glove Customizer for the Family

The best baseball glove customizer on Flat Bill isn’t designated for any age in particular. We extend our custom glove builder to all members of the family, both younger and more mature. At Flat Bill, we get excited at the idea of parents sitting with their children to create a baseball glove just for them. A baseball glove can be more than just effective gear – it can be a cherished item and even a favorite gift. Even after all the fun of creating the custom baseball glove on the website, you can have even more by sharing your creation on social media! You get to show your friends and family exactly what was created and on its way. All in all, the best part has to be when you see the box at your front door and are prepared to open it to see your very own custom baseball glove design. Then, all that’s left is to use it live in action!