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This Season’s Gear Checklist

Every year, it’s baseball season. All year. At least to us.

And, lucky for you, we keep a tight list of the gear every player needs to be prepared. Headed into 2020, it’s never been more important to keep your baseball gear fresh – or make that long awaited upgrade.

At Flatbill Baseball, we make sure players are outfitted with the best they can get. Here are the 4 best pieces of gear every player needs to make sure they have this year.

4 Best Pieces of Baseball Gear for the 2020 Season

Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves

Flatbill Adult Grind Batting Gloves || Flatbill Youth Grind Batting Gloves

There’s no need to tear up your hands while taking batting practice. Besides, batting gloves give you a better grip on the bat so you can take a better swing, make contact more often, and hit the ball with more power when you do get a hold of it.

Oh, and these ones look SWEET no matter what your team colors are.

Jersey Number Necklace

Premium Number Pendant Collection

Flatbill Number Pendants || Flatbill Premium Number Pendants

Alright, we’ll admit it. You can definitely file this piece of gear under “DEFINITELY WANT” instead of “need.” But we felt like we couldn’t leave these necklaces off the list after we outfitted a youth team with them and saw how excited they all got. Here at Flatbill, we work hard, we stay humble, and we want our number to belong to us. There’s no better way to stay confident on and off the field than to wear your number around your neck.

New Glove Lacing

Kelley Green Baseball Laces


Flatbill Premium Lacing 5 Pack

We know what you’re thinking. “Why wouldn’t I just buy a new glove?” Well, the fact of the matter is that 75% of the time, you probably don’t need a new glove. You can make your current glove feel like brand new just by giving it a new set of laces pulled nice and tight just like when it was brand new. You’ll get that brand new feeling and save a few bucks doing it.

Wood Bat

Baseball Bat


Flatbill Bat Shop

At the youth level, you’re going to play with metal bats. That’s great; the young bucks should to make things more exciting. However, as they get older, handling a wood bat is going to become more and more important. I mean, they say that the big boys swing “lumber” for a reason, right? There are even discussions about college players using wood bats all the time so it is always good to be prepared.

Oh, and did we mention you get to FULLY CUSTOMIZE YOUR COLORS?!